Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Art Of Fall: Outfits!

Hey Guys! The fall series is coming to an end next Saturday. I've loved writing these posts for you all. If you liked it let me know so in the future I can continue to post these sort of series for you guys!

We finally got a chill down here that I think is going to stick. I'm praying we won't have to go through any more rainy days to keep this chilly weather. With the sun shining and the breezes, it's perfect weather for Mobile.

Nice weather brings not only a smile to my face, but also layers of clothing out of my closet. In fact, On of my favorite parts of fall is putting together comfy outfits that are to die for. It's great to finally be able to do that. I've waited so long to be able to wear these outfits without dying from heat, I'd thought we should plan to go swimming at the beach on Christmas!

But all's well that ends well!

With that on my mind, I finally have the will to give you all some Fall Outfits that I have gathered and put together. I used most of my sisters as models at least once as well, so you will be able to meet them through this!The clothing I used to build the are from various stores such as Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's. The majority of everything I have was bought at a price below $10. A definite steal.

Here they are!

 Lexi s styling outfit #1
 This is Ashley on outfit #2
 Maribeth on outfit #3
Me on outfit #4

(As you can see I'm missing Abby and Maeghan, but hopefully sometime soon you guys will see them.)

Love you all!

XO AnnaD