Thursday, December 17, 2015

My New Favorite Author and A Book List!

Recently I found an author who writes historical fiction romance. I have finally decided that she is now my author for this year. I have been going through her books like nobody's business. Karen Witemeyer has claimed my attention because of her thrilling and romancing books. I've read all but four of them, and I am waiting for the chance to get to those books. 

The covers are just as awesome as the books, so as you go through, feel free to judge these books by their cover.

If you want to check out Karen's other books, or read the backs of the books I've posted here you can find them at Karen's website. You can also find bonus material, contests, and her blog.

A Worthy Pursuit Short-Straw Bride Stealing the Preacher To Win Her Heart Head in the Clouds A Tailor-Made Bride 

In my opinion, these books are well suited for ages 12 and up. Have fun reading! 

XO AnnaD

Friday, December 11, 2015

Gift Guide In A Jar

We all struggle with those last minute Christmas gifts, the ones that should be easy, though are incredibly hard to find and put together. But I've found that one of the easiest gifts to put together are the ones that are so awesomely stuffed into a jar. The gifts are very simple, but although it's simple, the jar is customized to fit the personality of the person you are presenting the jar.

Okay! Now to share all the jar gifts I have for y'all to look at. Go through and find something sweet for your bff, your mom, or anyone one lucky enough to receive this gift.

Grab a glass jar and write twenty things u and your best friend only understand inside for a gift.:
Fill a jar with twenty things only you and your best friend understand, she'll get a laugh for sure.

18 Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas- the funfetti mason jar candle is adorable!:  
Fill a jar with small gifts that will pamper and relax your friends.

Loves To Bake Gifts In A Jar
If you have someone close who loves to bake, put together a jar of baking supplies that they'll appreciate.

M & M Cookie Mix in a Jar - A mason jar filled with pre-measured dry ingredients for M & M cookies. Give the jar as a gift, and all the recipient has to do is add the wet ingredients to the contents of the jar and bake.:
Pack the dry ingredients from your favorite cookie recipe into a jar and include the recipe on the top. Make sure the wet ingredients are written down for the receiver of this gift so they can actually make the cookies.

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Stuffing a jar with fun things you could do at a sleepover or during a camping trip for your friend would be a great way to go. Make sure to personalize the jar so the it's special!

Gifts In A Jar Homemade Gift Ideas 
 For those who love to craft, this would be a great jar to give. Washi tapes, glitter, glue, and stickers are some good ideas to put into the jar. 

 Mason Jar Money. creative way to gift cash From
Giving money for those we love is always a hard thing to do. But, if we disguise it with candy, giving money becomes a fun experience. To make sure the money doesn't get dirt all over the candy, roll the money into a toilet paper roll.

You will find you won't spend over ten or so dollars putting together the jar depending on what you fill it with. 

Have fun filling the jar! Be creative when you do though. These jars are suggestions, so don't be afraid to fill them with stuff you know the person would like!

XO AnnaD