Thursday, December 17, 2015

My New Favorite Author and A Book List!

Recently I found an author who writes historical fiction romance. I have finally decided that she is now my author for this year. I have been going through her books like nobody's business. Karen Witemeyer has claimed my attention because of her thrilling and romancing books. I've read all but four of them, and I am waiting for the chance to get to those books. 

The covers are just as awesome as the books, so as you go through, feel free to judge these books by their cover.

If you want to check out Karen's other books, or read the backs of the books I've posted here you can find them at Karen's website. You can also find bonus material, contests, and her blog.

A Worthy Pursuit Short-Straw Bride Stealing the Preacher To Win Her Heart Head in the Clouds A Tailor-Made Bride 

In my opinion, these books are well suited for ages 12 and up. Have fun reading! 

XO AnnaD