Monday, January 25, 2016

I Did It: Pinterest Edition

Hey Everyone!

Today I have three DIYs I found on Pinterest, and my recreation of them. I have the picture of the project I found on Pinterest, as well as my twist/recreation of the project. I've fell in love with all of my projects and DIYs. I know this is really crazy to think, but because I made these Pinterest ideas happen, I can honestly say that I feel like I can do anything! Spoiler Alert: I built a desk for heavens sake!!

Anyways, go ahead and look at all my Pinterest Did Its and let me know if you like them! If I get enough responses to this post, I will hopefully do some of my other Pinterest Did Its. 

for photos. love this idea! I have mine on a twine 'clothes line" with baby clothes pins in my dorm right now :):
Pinterest's                 Mine

For this DIY, my mom and I repainted some old picture frames, popped out the glass, and stuck some clothespins on them. These were relatively old frames, so they already had a wire in the back. If your frame doesn't, simply add one to the frame.

When I redid my room I got rid of one, but I felt like the one frame was lacking, so I did put some cute string and small clothes pins on my bulletin board to even it out. 

IKEA HACK - easy DIY desk for under $60 Smaller table tops are also available at Ikea:

This is definitely my favorite project because I was very involved in it though it was a relatively big project. I was surprised of this because my mom had already built this desk. She made a long on for our school room, with the help of my dad. This time though, my mom only helped me purchase the right boards and shelves.

What I did to create this desk was purchased two 1x3 shelves and a nice piece of plywood that was about 18x48 inches. (I may be off a bit on the plywood.) From the inspiration picture, you can see that the shelves are much taller than the ones on my desk. The original shelves were much to high for me. I had my dad cut them down a few inches, I think we cut them down 3 inches to be exact.
After making sure the height was right, we had to actually put the pieces together. To do so we screwed two brackets onto each side. Once we had finished this, I sanded the plywood and painted on several coats of white paint.
After all this my desk was complete! I really enjoyed looking for cute and colorful things to put onto the desk. It was one of the best parts, and it's not cluttered at all. If you're looking for a desk, try making one like this.

 A how-to for making skinny jeans from boot cut jeans. This blog also has other great tutorials worth looking at!:  Diy Distressed Denim Techniques Road Tested:
                    Pinterest's                       Mine
These jeans were originally boot cut and so ugly I could not even wear them. That may be a bit dramatic, but still. I actually just finished this project a few days ago, so the DIY is still on my mind. I really just followed the picture in this case. I put on the jeans inside out and then pinned where I wanted to sew. I took them off and sewed a seam, it looked exactly like Pinterest's edition. Then I cut the remaining fabric. 
You can see I also included a pic for the distressed part of my jeans, which I did as well. I actually used a razor to distress the jeans, but I think if I had saw this picture before, I would have tried something else. The razor took a while to distress, but on the other hand, it looks really good. I also added some lace patches just to make the jeans my own. 

That's all for now, but I really love doing this kinda stuff, so you can be sure that I will have more. Let me know about your Pinterest Did Its through the contact tab. Thanks for reading!

XO AnnaD