Sunday, January 3, 2016

Messy Bun Tutorial

Hello everyone!

After a long series of writer's block, I have returned with a tutorial on the Messy Bun. I have perfected this bun and am finally able to let you all know how to create it. I previously struggled with this hairstyle and I know many others have/are as well. But after constant practice, I have gotten the hang of it. As this year get's going I know it will be nice to have a new hairstyle, so let's get into this tutorial!

This hairstyle is great for second day hair, right after work, after school, etc. Any hair will work for this tutorial, but I recommend hair that is a bit texturized. You can get the texture from dry shampoo, undone braids, or air-dried hair.

You'll need a rubber-band, a hairbrush, and optionally, hairspray.

Brush all the knots out of your hair. Flip over your hair so it hangs down. Gather with your fingers the hair all at the top of your head in a ponytail, but do not secure with rubber-band. Flip your hair back over, still holding ponytail. Pull rubber-band over the ponytail halfway, making a bun. Twist rubber-band and scoop up all hair with same hand. Wrap rubber-band around the hair and once more. Pull loose and tuck in hairs to your liking. Hair spray the bun to give it an extra secureness.

I have attached this awesome video I found on YouTube that follow's exactly how I do my messy bun, so you can have a visual of the directions.

And here's the link incase the video decides to be mean to you:

XO AnnaD