Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Advanced 2016 Recap

I'm back from DNow at Rebecca's youth group! I actually got back on Sunday, but I didn't post then or yesterday because I was resting and trying to recover from the long weekend. Though the weekend was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed everything we did, I literally got seven hours of sleep out of the whole weekend. Confession: I survived off of sugar and caffeine. Ugh.

I let you all know Friday night what we did then, but that was just the beginning of the amazing weekend! Saturday was the core of DNow, and everything was packed into that day.

On Saturday we met at Redemption and had a worship session. After the session, we went into what  they called "Breakout Sessions." The Breakout Sessions were led by the different youth pastors from the youth groups that joined us. All the sessions had a different topic, for instance: "Advancing His Kingdom Through Sports, Sharing The Gospel in a Media Driven World, Making the Most of Your Relationships. These are just some of the options that were available, in total there were nine (not counting the other one that was guys only). We could only choose two Breakout Sessions.

A couple of friends and I went to a session called "Reaching Your School Beyond Your Bible Club." The irony of this situation was that we actually are home schooled, and we don't have a "school bible club." I was hesitating this session and was hoping to go to a different one, but it actually turned out to be good. The speaker, Brent Rawson had very practical points that applied to regular life besides Bible Club at School.

The second session I went to was "Making the Most Out of Your Relationships," it was led by Jeremy Montgomery. This session was announced on stage as "Girls Only." My friends and I went to this class supposing so. But when we got there, boys were in the room! They told us before they started that it was a mistake. Obviously, we were super confused, but we decided not to leave.

When we originally picked the session, we were guessing it would be about relationships with boys. Although part of it was, the majority of the time was spent on asking questions about the relationships we have, and why we have them. I actually appreciated this session rather than the first. I felt like the things said applied to me much better in this class and I already see myself thinking about and applying the things Jeremy mentioned. Maybe I'll share some of the things we went over.

After the Breakout Sessions, we ate our lunch of Chick-fil-a (yum!), and had an hour for some free time.

When our hour was up, we proceeded onto our mission projects. The eighth grade girls' mission project was to go to a high school and pick up the trash on the campus. We actually only spent about an hour there, and our mission projects were to last about three hours. Because of this, the group ended up going over to help the seventh grade girls finish raking the front of an elementary school. Both projects were a lot of fun!

We had another meal, another hour or so of free time, and then went to our last worship session. After that we went back to our host homes and hung out.

On Sunday morning we went to church at Redemption, and then our parents picked us up. The weekend was a great time even though I was incredibly tired!

Shoutout to Rebecca Sawyer for convincing me to come with her! Love ya girl, I had so much fun with you and all of the other girls we hung out with!

XO AnnaD

Friday, February 19, 2016

Advanced 2016

Hey guys, so right now I'm at my host home hanging out with the rest of the eighth grade girls. I'm here because this weekend I'm hanging out with my friend Rebecca at her youth group's DNow.

I'm posting just a little because its late and I'll be updating later this weekend so come back!

But anyway, an update for what we did today! We haven't actually done that much tonight. I got here at around 5:30 and at 6 the group headed to redemption church in North Mobile. We had a very good worship session and I was very moved by it.

So yes, I'll update tomorrow on how the retreat is going. Actually we have our mission project and we'll be getting sweaty. It'll hopefully be a lot of fun and maybe, just maybe I'll burn off some of the junk I just ate.


XO AnnaD

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentines on Picmonkey!

Hey everyone!

So last year I literally failed myself (and you guys as well) with my number of blog posts. The previous year, I posted exactly one hundred times and last year I posted thirty-six times. No joke.

One of my biggest resolutions this year was to post more often and to really get consistent. Meaning "Get ahold of yourself, Anna! This works as your job, pull yourself together!" I would like to AT LEAST post once a week. I am picking Fridays as the designated day that there will be a blog post. Unless of course I have something tragic, exciting, or more important than a blog post come up. Hopefully that won't happen.

Anyway, I'm sure you would all like a bigger reason to read through this whole post and that's why I am now adding some context you may actually enjoy!




How to make a personal Valentine on Picmonkey {but still waste no time}. Now this is a post I would read!

Although, as a younger kid, I thought it would be the end of the world to not have a Valentine from the bottom of my heart, a.k.a. a valentine without candy. People grow up, and realize that no one cares about the little paper that comes with your candy, tattoos, pencils, etc.

Still, don't you feel that pang in your heart when store bought valentines are the best you are willing to do? If you don't, I will not judge you. Good for you! Really though, wouldn't it be great to have a valentine that would maybe be worth not throwing away?

Many people need valentines in bulk. You understand, right? For all those parties that make sure you bring enough valentines to give to every kid. Well, I for one know that sometimes I tend to be a lazy butt and not actually put a lot of work into my valentines because of this reason.

We have all bought those boxed valentines that have tattoos in them, or little stickers and such. But there's a cheaper way to do bulk valentines!

In conclusion to this long intro, here are my directions on how to make a valentine that you could do while lying in your bed.

First, pull up Picmonky, it is what we will be creating this valentine on. Next hover over the Design option and then enter in your custom size. I am using the dimensions 300x500. (However, after I completed the Valentines, I wish I had used the dimensions 300x600.) After typing in your dimensions, click the make it button. These dimensions are going to print out a folding valentine. 

Alright, now we have our base Valentine. Choose the color of this valentine. I'm going with Transparent.

Go to the stickers tab and click on the doodly hearts. Pick the one you want and add it to the canvas. Because this valentine will be folding in half, anything you place on the top of the valentine in this format, will be the back of the valentine you create. The back will seem upside down if we leave it normal. So flip the sticker. You will have to do this for everything you place on the top, so remember this because I won't be mentioning it again :)

The bottom of this format will be the cover or top so you don't have to worry about it.

Now add text to the front and back. All I did was "Happy Valentine's Day" on the front and a spot to write my name, and the person's name on the back. I placed both inside a heart to give the Valentine more detail.

After that, save your valentine.

Open another custom format with the same proportions. Write message on the inside. I kept this one simple and just wrote the average valentine message, but you are more than welcome to personalize it. I also made sure there was a spot for candy to be taped.

Save this as well.

Insert as many as you want to Microsoft. When you are putting them into a document, one page should be for one side and another for the other side of the valentine. When you go to print, make sure you are ready because you will need to flip the page and load it quickly back into the printer. You can ask for someone's help with this part. Also, I recommend Cardstock paper to print on.

After that your Valentine is completely finished! I hope you all had fun with this little project, I know I sure did!

Just to mention one more time, Friday has become my designated day for blog posts. I will attempt to post during the days between that as well. Come on Fridays to catch up and to get new ideas and tutorials!

Have a happy Valentine's Day!

XO AnnaD