Monday, April 4, 2016

Ready Or Not Tot : : Day 1

Abby and I take a Life Management class at our co-op that basically prepares you takes you on a fake trip of the real world. The class started with high school graduations, college applications, and job interviews. We are now at the stage of which the class has to take care of the Ready Or Not Tot for about two days. Tonight is the ending of day one. 

It's been two hours since I picked up Autumn - my name for the baby - and she has not done anything but sit quietly watching our every move. Ashley and Lexi are insistent that the baby "is not turned on." It is, of course (I checked). I'm pretty sure that they just want to watch it cry and me scramble to shut it up. I know this because the girls have told me about fifty times already... *sigh.

I was told when the class was getting the info on the doll that it would cry after twenty minutes of being programmed. Again, to recap, it's been two and a half hours and I'm a little freaked out. I have to admit, I'm curious as to what will happen when and after the fake baby cries. I want to know how horrible the crying will be in the middle of the night. I pray it's not building up the cries for twelve o'clock this morning. Please pray with me. 

I will let you all know tomorrow morning how the night goes and when the tot finally cries. 


XO AnnaD