Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ready Or Not Tot : : Day 2

As for the update on the Ready Or Not Tot... 

To start out with, last night I slept wonderfully because Autumn (my tot) was somehow messed up and didn't make a peep all night. I learned this morning how to reset it and I have had a crying doll since noon, right as my friends Rebecca and Kristen came over. Sorry guys. 

Because I slept good last night and was not woken by my screaming child, Abby and I have decided to share the baby tonight that way it's fair and even in our minds. 

I actually don't mind having Autumn because I really do like kids. I know that real babies are a lot more work than this simulator, but I still am looking forward to my actual baby despite this doll and it's inability to leave me alone. 

Autumn is now "resting" in one of Ashley and Lexi's baby doll cribs that they have let Abby and I borrow in return for chances to "babysit" the doll. It's been great so far. In fact they had a field day this morning when the doll wasn't actually working and I let them play with her until my teacher got back to me. 

The girls made a crib she could lay down in, redressed her a coupe times, and even put together a diaper bag! Honestly, if I still had all my dolly stuff, I would have been doing the same. 

I hope you all have a good night and I will give you one more update tomorrow on how my half of the night goes. 

Love You All!

XO AnnaD