Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ultimate Checklist for the Beach

Welcome to Who's Anna Grace! Thank you for reading my Ultimate Checklist for the Beach. This list is insured to help you pack everything you could possibly need. It will also insure you have a fun time at the beach! I have 20 things that you absolutely need to bring to the beach and 10 things you absolutely need to do at the beach. 

I've also made this easy to copy/paste/print so you guys can actually have this checklist on your hands when going the beach. 

20 Things You Have to Bring to the Beach:

_ Beach Bag                                     _ Change of clothes 

_ Bathing Suit                                 _ Water

_ Flip Flops                                      _ Snacks!

_ Sunscreen                                     _ Ipod

_ Towel                                              _ Chap Stick

_ Sunglasses                                    _ Leave-in Conditioner

_ Hat                                                  _ Book

_ Cover Up                                       _ Volleyball or football

_ Hairbrush                                     _ Notebook

_ Hair Tie                                         _ Blanket

10 Things You Have To Do at the Beach:

_ Have a Bonfire With Sparklers

_ Shop 

_ Play Volleyball

_ Get Snow Cones

_ Boogie Board

_ Build Sandcastles 

_ Make a Sand Mermaid Tale

_ Play Tag

_ Jump Off a Pier

_ Make a Seashell Necklace

Have fun and be happy! Love you all!

XO AnnaD