Friday, June 3, 2016

How to Deal with Braces

To be honest, I never thought I'd be posting about this. I did have braces for around a year when I was little, but up until now that was my only experience with braces. WAS.

Two days I got braces put on to start a two year process of fixing my open bite. An open bite is when your teeth do not touch in the front because your jaw hates you. No, I'm just kidding. An open bite is when your teeth do not touch in the front because of the position of your jaw.

I got braces put on a couple days ago to start fixing that and good golly, it's been pretty horrible! I know the soreness will go away, but I still feel like my teeth could fall out with one bite of pizza! It's the first few days that hurt the most according to the orthodontist and I'm praying that the discomfort will be gone tomorrow.

I thought that because right now, in the middle of the worst days with braces, I should post because I don't want to accidentally lie about anything that brought me comfort or discomfort. You all should know the truth and I am willing to give it to you! Please share with me any tips or easy tricks you may have to deal with braces by sending me an email at!


As a person who loves food, this has been the hardest part. Almost everything I've eaten has been painful and uncomfortable because of the discomfort I already have. I couldn't even eat my bacon this morning!

Just so you all know, don't eat anything that's not soft because I promise you it will not be fun. You should eat ice cream and other cold things along those lines, it will help, just make sure not to have anything that you will have to chew in with those cold things. Eating hot foods doesn't hurt either, I've been eating oatmeal, grits, soup, etc and it's been the same experience as the cold foods.


The dentist should give you wax to cover the braces with when ulcers and discomfort appear. The wax will help if you can get it to stay on. The area around the braces has to be pretty dry to make the wax stick and stay. I used a small makeup sponge to dry the area and it worked like a charm.


The first day, all I did was use mouthwash because my teeth couldn't take the pressure of an actual toothbrush. Today I did lightly brush my teeth and it was okay. I believe that not brushing your teeth for a day or two is fine, the only thing is, it's pretty gross especially because a ton of food will get stuck in your braces. Maybe use a small brush or just use mouthwash. Eating mints would help as well.


I've been using Anbesol for the ulcers and just regular ibuprofen for the pain. The Anbesol works great, but it the effects fade quickly. Ibuprofen is probably your best bet. 

I hope this helps you deal with your braces when you get them or need some tips! I love you all! 

XO AnnaD