Monday, June 27, 2016

Our New Duffels

Abby and I are going to St. Louis, Missouri this Thursday on a mission trip with our youth group and besides the shopping everything has been done and I literally don't think I can wait to get there! 

Yesterday after church we went to the flea market to get some duffel bags and I just have to share them with you! It took me awhile to choose mine and my mom and Abby really suffered from my lack of the ability to choose one of the cute bags since it was like 90 something degrees outside with humidity. I did feel bad when I made them go back to the little booth to get a different bag from the one I had originally chosen... 

I ended up choosing a blue duffel with white seahorses on it and Abby chose the black and pink chevron one.

 My sign language teacher has a monogrammer and I'm going to see if she can do it for me right on the front. I think black would look the best, don't you?

This bag cost $20 at our local flea market here in mobile. It has a total of four pockets and is 22 inches long. The patterns were amazing and I really did have a battle with myself over which one to get!

You guys can come back on Wednesday to see what I'm bringing to St. Louis and how I end up packing this new bag.
 Love you guys!

XO AnnaD