Saturday, July 16, 2016

15 Things To Do When You're Bored (and at home)!

It's summer, and though we don't want to say it, sometimes we get bored. Yes, it's great to not have school but not doing anything is boring. So, I have a solution! Well, several solutions. 15 Things To Do When You're Bored (and stuck at home)!

1. Cook: You'll have fun doing it, and eating the finished product!

2. Do a craft: be creative! You can find some ideas on my DIY geared Pinterest board.

3. Play in the hose or sprinkler: When my sisters and I do this, we make sure to have some actual games to play while we are outside so as we stay wet and don't get bored with just running through the water.

4. Write a letter: get a pen pal, I promise that will be fun and keep you busy.

5. Take pictures!: just do it! Once you start it's hard to stop.

6. Paint: sometimes Ashley and Lexi have this urge to get out the paints and I always end sitting at the table with them painting. I cannot explain the satisfaction of seeing your finished product on the fridge ;)

7. Have a picnic: a lot of time can go into a picnic and it's fun to sit outside and eat lunch. 

8. Write a book: this works, you will not be bored if you start writing something good. It's exciting! 

9. Make a bucket list: depending on how much is going onto your list, this could take a long time. I did a summer list with Maribeth and Abby and it took us several days to finally finish it.

10. Read a book: it's just as great as writing one.

11. Make a treasure hunt: you'll probably want more than one person to be involved though.

12. Organize: you can always work on this. It will never leave you bored. Turn on some music and get to it!

13. Do your hair: by this I mean actually put work into it.

14. Make something explode: you have not lived until you've made a watermelon explode. Yes. A watermelon. 

15. Build a blanket fort: I have obviously saved the best for last. I love doing this. If you don't think you can build a fort, try making a "pillow pit." this is also something I enjoy doing. All you have to do is throw a ton of pillows onto the floor and jump onto them. Very, very, very fun.

That's it for today guys!

XO AnnaD