Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NY Trip 2016: Abbots, Sea Breeze, and Boat Day!

Hey guys! So I'm still in Rochester visiting with family, but this is my last week here in New York. On Sunday we'll be heading to Maryland to visit Washington, and also some family there. After that, we will go to New Jersey to visit family there as well.

Anyways, we have still done, and have yet to do more, exciting and cool things here in NY that I just can't help but share!

Last Wednesday, we went down to Charlotte Beach which is a great place to go and hangout. I had so much fun walking on the pier, playing on the playground, and riding on the merry go round. We also went to Abbots which is an AMAZING ice cream place (i.e. frozen custard: I got Vanilla Gumbo, which is basically a chocolate candy loaded vanilla ice cream, with rainbow sprinkles) that you can practically find around every corner at Charlotte Beach. You should without question visit Abbots at some point if you are near it, everything about the ice cream shop is worth it.

Also last Thursday we went to Sea Breeze, an amusement park, and spent the day there. I had a ton of fun on all the rides, water slides, and roller coasters. A few of my absolute favorites were the Screaming Eagle, the Toilet (which is actually called the Helix, but everyone calls it the Toilet), and the Whirlwind. Those are only a handful of the rides that I enjoyed. 

 I didn't want to get my camera wet, so I left it in the car, but take my word, this is a super fun place that is definitely a day trip. You will not get bored if you decide to spend a whole day there.

Now what's crazy, is that the very next day, Friday, we went out on my uncle's boat on Lake Ontario, and from a certain place on the lake we could see Sea Breeze from the other side! That was really cool.

Also, the boat was very nice, so we had a fun and relaxing day out on the water.

 You can see in these pictures some of my favorite rides! The orange track in the background is the Whirlwind ride that I enjoyed many times in a row :)

Okay! I'll be posting again later about everything else I couldn't include in this blog post.


XO AnnaD

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Niagara Falls!

I'm here! 

We arrived in New York on Sunday, and met up with family at Niagara Falls to obviously look at the falls. I had a ton of fun getting soaked because of the intense "mist." I encourage you, if you get a chance to visit the falls, don't hesitate to go down to dock for the Lady of the Mist and look around. It's only a dollar and you'll be able to climb up right next to one of the falls.

Take my advice, you'll want a plastic poncho because you will get very wet with out one, even with one, you'll still be damp. 

These are the pictures from my trip:

XO AnnaD

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mall Haul

I just recently stopped in by the mall to check out our new H&M and while I was there I did some other shopping as well. I found a handful of things that I want to share with you all just because I love them too much not to! I hope you enjoy this Mall Haul!

I've also thrown in Maribeth's Haul from the mall as a special treat, so savor it :)

In H&M, neither of us got anything clothing wise, but we did get some adorable rings that were around $5. I am still on cloud nine about it because I can never find rings that fit me. These do!

Between Maribeth and I both we only got two things at Charlotte Russe. Maribeth bought an off the shoulder shirt that is so cute and totally worth the $15. I just got a black and white bandeau that was $5, and I absolutely love it! 

At Aeropostal, I purchased a pair of grey shorts that are super comfy. It's ironic that Abby got a pair exactly like mine a month ago for $10 and mine were only $6 because of clearance!

Forever 21 was a huge hit for me. I got a new purse that is the perfect size for my upcoming trip to New York. It's right on the line of an off white and a very light pink, and at first I wasn't sure if it would work for me, but I realized now that it matches everything and is super cute! I'll try to post a picture while I'm in New York with the purse so stay tuned.

Target was the real treasure though. Maribeth got another off the shoulder shirt, but blue this time with flowers. I got a long sleeve black romper (which I don't have a picture of because it's all packed up), a blue, floral, flow-y long sleeve, a water bottle, and some cute paper straws that are three different colors. 

If you guys want to see these clothes in action, let me know and I might do a back to school look book!

XO AnnaD