Saturday, September 3, 2016

Intro To The Becket Series + Last Week Up North!


My vacation up north is winding to an end this weekend. This last weekend we're in New Jersey visiting my aunt and uncle and their three kids. Although I'm so excited to be here, I am so ready to be home. 

Because my family is kinda scattered up here we've done a lot of driving which has given me some off time to read. I've been reading Jen Turano's books lately, and I totally read them out of order but they've still been amazing. Her first four books written (the ones that I've read) are all of the same series, but the series doesn't have a name. I'm just going to be calling it the Becket Series.

I will not being doing a review on any of the books today, but I will be doing a review on the first one, A Change Of Fortune, next Wednesday, and possibly the second book next Friday. Today I just want to introduce you all to the series.

The order of the books is A Change Of Fortune, A Most Peculiar Situation, A Talent For Trouble, and A Match Of Wits. These are no doubt the funniest books I have ever read. The whole time I was laughing my head off at the things the characters would say and do. There is a sense of adventure, humor, and romance throughout the books that Jen perfectly captured and placed in the right places.

*In my opinion, these books are not geared for younger girls because of some of the themes that are more mature. I recommend the Becket Series for ages 13+ maybe 12. Also, as a side note, your mom might like this series just as much as you :)
A Change of Fortune Cover 
A Most Peculiar Circumstance Cover
A Talent for Trouble Cover 
A Match of Wits Cover

Again, I will have a review for the first book of Becket Series this coming Wednesday, so come back for that. 

Also, I came up with an idea while I was in the car that I think I'll be putting into motion as soon as I get home. You guys know how much I love doing reviews, and because that's such a large part of my blog, I feel I should start a consistent series of reviews. I'll either be doing the posts on Wednesdays or Fridays. 

I'm not sure what I'll call this series, so if you have any ideas, send me them via email or the comment section below. 

That's all for now!

XO AnnaD