Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Plan a Party Like a Pro!

If you're planning a birthday party, a plain old hangout type of party, a sleepover, or etc. this post will definitely be helpful to you whether it's your first time planning something or if it's your tenth. The special trick is to be organized (even if your party is going to be laid back). Organization will be your best friend in this fun process!

I have a little outline below for you in an order that everything should be planned out in. I have also included notes and questions for you to answer and think about.

What party are you having? To get started, you need to decide the type of party you'll be having. This will change how the party plays out and what will be happening. This is one of the fun things you'll be doing so have fun with this part! Here are some ideas:
  • Themed party (Hunger games, Girl's Night Out, American Girl, Carnival, etc.)
  • Pool Party
  • Bonfire Party
  • Summer Time Party
  • Christmas Party
Who's invited? Before you get into all of the good stuff like what food you'll eat and what you'll do, you need to make sure you know who you're inviting. This part should go by fairly quickly as long as you have a people group in mind.

What's the budget? How much are you/your parents willing to pay? This will effect the whole party. This is something you need to decide on before you start listing what you need to buy. If you do this before that, you'll be able to handle your ideas a little better, and your parents will be more at ease.

What will you eat? Aww, the good stuff :) Will you provide snacks or an actual meal? Will people be bringing stuff to contribute? It's completely up to you the planner, but make sure your choices are practical. This will all depend on what time your party is taking place. Some good party foods to have for dinner are:
  • Pizza
  • Hotdogs or hamburgers
  • BBQ
  • Foosackly's
You could also have someone cater which you would have many options to work with. Another idea is to have an assortment of dips or finger foods which would be easy to do as well. Again, this all depends on the type of party you're planning.

What will you do during the party? Will this be a chill party where everyone just hangs out or does there own thing? Or will your party have a backbone with plans for games and stuff to do? If you're planning the whole thing like that, then make sure you have a nice layout and that nothing is too stressing or crazy for you. Be sure you can handle everything you have in mind.

Where will you hold your party? Will it be at your house, a pool, your backyard, a different building, outside, or the beach?

When? Discuss this with your parents, and with a handful of your friends so that you can actual have your party. You will need to have a day and time set and confirmed with whoever it needs to be confirmed with.

Invitations! One of the best parts! Since you already have everything above taken care of, this part will be a piece of cake. If you're doing paper invitations, you MUST be sure that you get them sent at the right time so that people can RSVP and know about the party. If you're doing online invitations, my favorite programs are Punchbowl and Evite. They have a lot of fun invites to use, and if you want to make your own and still use online invites, they have that option available too.

That is the basic outline for your party planning extravaganza! When you have your party, have fun and be laid back. If things don't go along your plan, it's okay! Be relaxed and enjoy your party!

I love you all!

XO AnnaD