Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Feel Happier! Here's Why...

My biggest goal this year is to be happy.

As a girl I often find it very hard to be consistently happy with myself. It doesn't help that I'm a TEEN girl. Sometimes I wake up and I can't find anything good in life, in myself, or in anything that happens. Since I started high school, it's gotten out of control, and I'm sick of it.

When I made this resolution to myself, I was determined to make it happen. This wouldn't be one of those things I throw out the window at Valentine's day. I'm going to stick with it. So far, I have.

It's been a month. I have bad days and I have great days. Here's 7 things I've changed in my lifestyle that have made me happier.

1. I exercise everyday. Right now, I'm using SELF magazine's monthly workouts and I love it. It takes up to 15 minutes and I feel satisfied when I'm finished. Exercising helps your physical and emotional state at the same time!

2. I read my Bible everyday. Start off the day right with a word from the Lord and keep it with you throughout the day to keep your anger, frustration, and hardships at peace.

3. I choose beautiful everyday. A couple months ago, I went to a girls conference. They showed a video by Dove on women and girls who had the option of Beautiful or Average doors to walk through, essentially giving themselves that title in the process. The effects of the choice changed the way they went throughout their day. I remember this video whenever I feel average and remind myself that it's my choice. I have the option of beautiful, so why not choose it?

4. I don't wear makeup everyday. I love makeup. I love the way it makes me feel and look, but sometimes, seeing me is better than seeing the made up me. I would rather put on makeup and feel the same amount of happiness when I had none on than take it off and feel like my energy source has left me. 

5. I wash my face every night. Even if I don't have makeup on. It's refreshing, clean, and sometimes helps me sleep better!

6. I go outside everyday. Just ten minutes outside can usually change my mood from grumpy to happy. 

7. I only wear what I like. The clothes in my closet are things that I like to wear and wear on a regular basis.

Some things to remember:
  • It's up to you, you're in charge of your happiness. Your attitude towards things you do, will change the way you enjoy them.
  • Give it a chance. You could do it if you really tried. 
  • It's okay to "miss a day" or to forget to do something. It's not the end of the world, there is always tomorrow.
  • Your inner beauty reflects your outer beauty. 
  • Life is going to be crazy, days will be harder than others. It's okay to take a step back and breathe. 
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XO AnnaD