Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Twisty Pin-Back Hairstyle DIY


A few weeks ago I got my hair cut, I went from long to short in a matter of seconds! Crazy how this happens isn't it? Since then, I've been working on some new styles to wear with this short hair. My newest style is a twisty pin-back that is really easy. 

You can try this with long or short and no matter, it will look great. The only thing you will need for this hairdo is bobby pins, a brush (optional), and hairspray (optional). I hope you guys enjoy! 

Create a deep part and take a section of hair at the top of your head from that part. Don't take too much because you will be taking a section directly under it after you finish with this piece. 

Twist the section until beings to roll on itself. Roll the hair once and pin in place. You can either pin the ends under or let them blend into the rest of your hair. 

Now, pick up a smaller section from right below the section you just pinned. Twist that until it begins to roll. Cross the lower section over the upper twist and roll the twist next to the first twist. Pin in place and either pin end under both rolled twists, or let them fall with your other hair.

Spray with hairspray if wanted. 

That's it! As I said, these styles will work on either long or short, curly or straight hair, and look great for any occasion. Stay tuned for more hairstyle DIYS!

XO AnnaD