Welcome to Who's Anna Grace?, I'm Anna GraceD (AnnaD), the writer and owner of this blog. Here's a little about me and about my blog!

In the year of 2013 I started a blog as a way to let my creativity flow. I wanted to share things that related to me, and that would inspire you. Over the years, my blog has grown just as much as I have, and has shown me who I am right now, and has given me a way to enjoy finding out who I am meant to be. 

I live in the south, all the way down here in Alabama. I enjoy the sun, the small town I live in, my friends, and family. I'm a Christian, home-schooled, 15 year old, girl and I have three sisters: Abby (16), Ashley (12), and Alexis (10). 

My life is pretty mellow, and I get to have a lot of freedom with doing what I want to do. For instance, writing Who's Anna Grace?

This is my 4th year of running my blog Every recipe, craft, hairstyle, and such that has ever entered my house has always been paired with the statement "I could put this on my blog!" Oh it's a wonderful thing to live a life where so many awesome things are exposed to you, and the opportunity to share is always open. 

As for the things I've already shared, I have a lot of those. My most popular topics are BEAUTY, CRAFTS/DIYS, BOOKS, and COOKING. With this coming year I am looking forward to posting more, and exploring new topics. 

Now, this blog is not the only place where I spread my creativity. You can also find me on Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Google+. You can follow me at all of these places, and also if you would like to reach me, you can do so either in the contact tab, or by my email girlslovechevron@gmail.com.